Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

By | July 6, 2014

Best Apps for Moto G

The best affordable phone under 15000 INR has been released and Moto g has been rocking the market since then. Are you a Moto g user? Having trouble choosing the right app for your phone? Well then, here are some of the best apps suitable for Moto g.

  • Snap seed

snapseed Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

This is a must have app for moto g users because 5 MP isn’t sufficient enough for most users. This application lets you edit pictures and can improve the overall look of the picture. Some of the features like sharpening, straightening, contrast, adding effects and filters lets you edit pictures in any way you want.

  • Instagram

Instagram 3 0 iOS Puts Your Photos on a Map Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

If you like to share your photos in social networking sites, then Instagram is the best app for you. It lets you edit pictures and upload them directly into Facebook from your phone itself. And more importantly, it is a free app.

  • Solo launcher

solo launcher Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

The default launcher of Moto g looks simple. But if you want to make your screen look fancy and classy, go for solo launcher. It has more than 300 personalized iconic settings and 3000+ free themes. In addition to widgets, themes, fonts and wallpapers, even gestures can be added.

  • MX player

max player Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

The best video player for android because it can play any video format. Some of the features like zoom, subtitles & fast play are also added. Gestures to increase or decrease brightness and volume makes the movie viewing a whole lot easier. If you have any problem with subtitles, just make sure that the name of the movie(any format) and name of the subtitles(.srt) are the same.

  • True caller

truecaller 2 0 iphone Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

Yet another important app for android users. It lets you know who is calling when you receive calls from unknown numbers. It is very useful when you have lost your contacts and also very helpful to the ones who receive a huge amount of prank calls from their friends.

  • Skype- free video calls

skype Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

This is one of the best video calling apps in the play store. Very simple to use and the picture quality is simply brilliant. Some of the features like share screens, adding emoticons makes it look like a cool app.

  • Google keep

google keep 1024x640 Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

It is a simplest notepad with reminders. It also syncs everything with Google now to your desktop and other tablets. The remainder notes can be taken in the form of lists or voice notes or images and adding different colours to different notes makes it very useful to distinguish it from one another.

  • Pocket

pocket 1 Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

It is a handy app to those who spend most of the time travelling. Pocket is the list of web articles which you have saved for later reading. When you are running late, just mark the page and you can read it on the train or bus later. It can pretty much mark any websites and it is kept up-to-date via cloud.

  • Rayman fiesta run

rayman fiesta run Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

It has an overall rating of 4.5 in Google play and this is one of the best gaming apps which every Moto g users must download. The adventure game with over 75 levels can really keep you excited. It look really beautiful with great graphics to jump, fly, run and punch his way through. Though it is not a free app, you can still try it. It is worth it.

  • Ridiculous fishing

ridiculous fishing Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

Yet another never ending game getting the mobile game of the year. Using tilt controls, we can cast the net into the water to catch the fish. When the fish lands on the surface, you need to blast them using shotgun, toasters and chainsaws. Yes, it sounds ridiculous; but it is a real fun.

  • Real racing 3

real racing 3 1 0 Best Apps for Moto G Smartphone users

It is a thrilling, adventurous game with a lot of action and adrenaline rush which would make you addictive to it in matter of minutes. Real racing is one of the best looking android games, not to forget asphalt 8, which would real gorgeous on the Moto g’s 720p display. The quad core processor enables the game to run without any lag. Though it is a great game, it does drinks a lot of battery juice when we play continuously for hours.


Some of the best apps for Moto g users has been suggested. And it is advisable not to congest the phone with numerous number of apps since it comes with 1 GB ram. If you manage your apps wisely, you would not have any problems of slow down.

Not to worry, new trending apps are filling the market and we will come up with new set of apps for you next time.

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